happy birthday little guy


Happy birthday, Gavin!

Originally uploaded at Flickr by wee one 72

This mini-collage is of my youngest nephew, Gavin, who just had a birthday this week. He’s such a great little guy – yes, he must take after his aunt because he’s only a few inches taller than the diaper genie 😉 But I’m sure he’ll surpass me in no time! He’s got such a great smile – those 4 little toofers sticking out crack me up.

The newborn photo was taken with just my point & shoot camera. The quality wasn’t great and neither was the color so I decided to make it B&W. The shot of him on his big day was a bit tough to get. My brother in law had G-man in what we all call the “magic chair” (balancing on one hand in the air) so he was constantly in motion. I tried out the shutter priority mode & thought it turned out quite nice. I’m not sure of the setting – I’ve got to learn to pay more attention to those little details. I’m more of a “change the setting until I like the outcome” kind of girl. If I have to think about it too much, I’ll miss all the great candid opportunities.


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