what's so funny?

what’s so funny?

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This is Nathan – one of my 2 nephews that are age 4. He’s at the stage where he understands jokes and attempts to make up his own *think Fozzie Bear*. One of his faves is:
Nate: I’m gonna hide under there… (pointing to wherever)
Me: Under where?
Nate: Ha! you said underwear!
(ba dum dum)
He thinks it’s hysterical. It may be silly but I know some grown men that laugh at things like that for real! 😉
And, to top if all off for some super cuteness, he tells his jokes in this high-pitched sweet voice. Priceless. When he was just learning to talk, he had this little French accent. We have no idea where it came from but I wish I had an audio or video file of it to share because it was that adorable. He & Kelsey are only 2 months apart so when Kelsey was learning to talk she called him Nay-Nay and it stuck. Nate, Nathan, Nay-Nay – they all equal one sweet but very active boy!



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3 responses to “what's so funny?

  1. Amy

    Had no idea you were blogging, but I’m glad I found you!

  2. Miriam Tindall

    Yes..something about fart poop and underwear are not only funny to kids but unfortunately, grown men too!! What is it about that?
    Glad I found your blog…too cute!

  3. Wow – I’ve never seen such an itty bitty little snake!

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