Sanford (as in Stadium – not '& Son')

Uploaded at Flickr

Isn’t he cute? Sanford is Nathan & Eva’s puppy & soooo sweet. I had the privilege of watching him Wed night & most of the day Thurs. Suz, Mike & the kids were planning to head out to Arkansas for a medical consult for Mike’s mom & be gone all weekend but plans fell through & just Mike ended up going. (Keep them all in your prayers. Without going into a lot of detail, just be praying for a good prognosis & for her to keep in good health & not to worry too much)
I took my new little friend to work with me & he was a hit with all the guys. I mean, how could you not love that face?! My boss introduced Sanford to the wonder that is a Pup-eroni treat. You would have thought Sam gave him a T-bone steak. Sanford barely left his office after receiving the treat & then kept bringing Sam his toys. It was as if he was trying to bribe his way into another one. After an active morning of greeting everyone that came into the office & a few romps in the front yard, he was tuckered out & barely moved from his bed after about 2:30 no matter who came in the door. Ahhhh… it’s good to be a dog.


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