so it continues

You guessed it – more edits from the effects class. And more photos from MO. The first shot of Kelsey was during the opening ceremonies of our 4th of July picnic. All the kids march in with flags as my cousin sings the National Anthem. A good lesson in patriotism for the young’ns 🙂 And the one of the girls running down the hill was taken at my grandmother’s in St Louis. All 3 big kids could have spent hours running & rolling down that hill. I think Eva was probably the most hysterical to watch only because she totally buried her face in the grass as she rolled. No attempt at all to keep her face up – poor kid was all red & blotchy when she got done but was grinning the whole time. Oh what it would be like to be 3 and experience pure & simple joy like that again.

lesson6 TTV (through the viewfinder)

lesson6 TTV (through the viewfinder)


lesson7 typography


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