family fun

It’s been a crazy week and I feel like I’m so behind in everything. I want to post so many pics but just haven’t the time. So here are a small group of photos from the 4th of July picnic…

This isn’t the most captivating shot but it is the typical sight at the end of the picnic. I especially like it because it’s all of the siblings sitting at the table with my pappaw – a rare scene because they’re all usually going in a thousand different directions. And it’s my favorite time of the day – just hanging with the fam.

the clan

Gavin has only been walking for a couple of months but he was the master in the moon walk! We could hardly keep him out of it when the big kids weren’t in there. This shot is so fun with Gavin trying to get at his daddy and little cousin Addi looking on in the background. Too cute.

the jumpy thing

Here’s Nathan in training and he’s not too bad (only at 2′ away but who’s counting?) At the picnic, we have a rather large horseshoe tournament – winners & losers brackets, a travelling trophy, and the winners’ names forever engraved on the plaques that hang in my Pappaw’s house. It’s in honor of his dear friend & horseshoe partner that passed away many years ago and is aptly named The Bill Couser Memorial Horseshoe Tournament. Just another one of those things that is near & dear to my heart.

in training

I love this shot. Normally it’s a line of adults in chairs watching the horseshoe tournament but I came around the corner of the garage and saw these pretty maids all in a row. So cute. I don’t know if they realize the significance of the tourney but they were enjoying themselves just the same.

pretty maids all in a row


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