faster than a speeding bullet

Mom & Dad’s backyard is a favorite place for the kids to run around. It’s nicely sodded and has a little hill that they all love to run up & down – especially Nathan. Mom kept all of my brother’s Tonka trucks (the metal kind that can take off a finger if you’re not careful!) and Nate absolutely loves pushing the dump truck all over that yard. ‘Pushing’ doesn’t really describe it at all – running wide open as fast as his spindly legs will take him is more like it. (and he’ll mow you down if you’re not careful) I’ve tried to capture him doing this on soooo many occasions and finally got a shot that has him in focus and that captures his movement & speed.

Who says kids need all the newest & fanciest toys?! A truck and a hilly yard can occupy a 4 1/2 yr old for hours. I’m so glad my nieces & nephews find joy in playing with some of the ones we had as kids. πŸ™‚

tonka express


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