the brave one

The family was invited to the house of some dear friends this past weekend for lunch and an afternoon of swimming and chillin’ in the hot tub (had to wait that 15 minutes after eating of course!) Nephew Gavin hates being in any sort of floatation device. I’m using the word HATE – not dislike, not dissatisfied but hate. He will be OK for a minute but then begins to hollar – he wants to be free to jump in & float around and that’s what gets him in trouble. You see, he hasn’t mastered swimming just yet – he’s only 15 months old, for goodness sake – and has NO fear of the water. He so desperately wanted to be like the big kids jumping in that he had my sister catching him off the side for quite a while. The upside: his intolerance for a floatie manages to give the rest of us a good arm workout.





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