at the park

There’s a great park just moments away from both of my sisters’ homes – excellent playgrounds for big & little kids, a great walking path and even a skate ramp (yeah – that’s not something I use). Any-hoo, I was babysitting Kel & Gav the other night & decided a trip to the park was in order. Not only did it get us outside to soak up some vitamin D but it was a great transition for the G-man away from momma (load ’em up in the car & we leave instead of her which prevents a melt down of the little guy). I called sis #2 to see if she & the kiddos wanted to meet us there. We had a great time. But it was a challenge chasing Gavin around while trying to take pictures – a good lesson multi-tasking 😀

help from sis

just a-swingin'

enough already

waiting for her cousins

the girls




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3 responses to “at the park

  1. What a lovely photo and tradition. I like the texture you used in editing.

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