for less than 2 lattes…

Look at what I got at Publix today…

today's trip

Let me list it out for ya:

(4) healthy choice steamers, (3) skintimate shave gel, (2) green giant boxed veggies, (2) A-1 steak sauce, (2) 6-ct lender’s bagels, (1) smart start 1/2 gal. milk, (1) philly cream cheese, (1) peter pan pb

and this is what was left of my $10 bill… (yes, a ten dollar bill).

spare change



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3 responses to “for less than 2 lattes…

  1. OK Stacy, I’m going to track you down and Sunday and let you school me in your grocery shopping ways… where do you look for coupons, advertised specials, timing, etc.

  2. jen

    love that you photographed it for evidence!

  3. Great job 🙂 You won the giveaway at Little People Wealth! Just send me a message within 48 hours to claim it.

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