take me out to the ball game

Be ready! Keep your eye on the ball! Heads up! Run! Pick a good one! And stop playing in the dirt! This brings back memories… watching sis #1 play softball and baby brother play baseball when they were so young and hearing the moms holler at their little ones. Hard to believe Kelsey & Nathan are old enough to be doing this already. They are doing great and so cute out on the field. Those helmets are gi-normous on their wee little bodies – they look like bobble heads. 🙂 I have only made it to one of each of their games but took the Nikon with me, of course, and got a few shots (yes, I am a terrible aunt for not attending more games, I know). The chain link fence posed a challenge for sure but these turned out OK after a bit of tweaking.

always ready

kelsey at bat

on second



And, here’s Eva on the look out for big brother & daddy on the field (the dads help coach).


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