the weekend of parties – part 3 (finally!)

I have FINALLY gotten around to posting a photo from the 3rd and final party I went to on that crazy Saturday a couple of weekends ago. I only took a couple of photos while there because the batteries were dying in the flash &, quite frankly, I was all tuckered out. But there is no way I would have missed this shindig – the opportunity to usher another friend into the age of ‘celebrating the (x)th anniversary of your 29th birthday’ 🙂 I just wish I could have gotten some better shots… there’s always next year…

These 2 women are incredible and I am truly blessed to know them. My friend’s mom is a breast cancer survivor (which explains my motivation for the pink background) and one of the sweetest women I have met. I have been friends with the birthday girl for quite a few years now and here’s what I know about her: she is witty and her sense of humor cracks me up, she’s real & honest & not afraid to tell it like it is, she she’s always willing to share her injuries from the latest bike ride and, after seeing some of them, I can tell you she’s a real trooper – I would have been whining & limping around after some of the spills she’s had. She knows how to rock out to Bohemian Rhapsody, and she’s a true friend and sister in Christ. Happy birthday, Amanda!



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