Frankenstein meets Indiana?!

Our Halloween tradition the past few years has been to congregate over at sis #1’s house, eat dinner, take the kids trick-or-treating, and then back to the house for s’mores with Gramm & Popps over the fire pit. The kids really got into it this year – nobody freaked out at any of the scary costumes walking around and they all fought over who got to ring the doorbell. I rather feel sorry for the home owners that approach their door with 3 little faces smashed up against the windows desperate to see who will be handing out the goods. But I will say they all were very polite & said thank you almost every time (I mean, they’re preschoolers so the occasional tootsie pop was enough to distract them from their manners). 🙂

Here are just a couple of shots. We had quite the range of characters… a gorgeous Sleeping Beauty, the daintiest Tinkerbell, the most adorable non-scary Frankenstein ever, and the coolest Indiana Jones you’ll ever meet.






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