i ♥ faces week 48 – sweet dreams

It’s time for another photo challenge – this week at i ♥ faces it’s all about photos with sleeping faces. 🙂

We always travel to Missouri for Thanksgiving to see our extended family and part of the trip I rode in the van with the 3 older kids (yes, I am a glutton for punishment but I’m an aunt & that’s what I do). Part of our trip with the kiddos together, they were all exhausted but I knew they wouldn’t sleep even if I put a movie on. Thank goodness for children’s audio books! I started one as we hit the road and all 3 were out like a light within 10 minutes! This shot is of the girls – these 2 cousins love to coordinate: from their similar striped shirts to identically braided hairstyles to falling asleep in the same position – what a pair of sleeping beauties!

Be sure to check out more shots from dream land…



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15 responses to “i ♥ faces week 48 – sweet dreams

  1. What a cute capture! Love that one is like an ‘echo’ to the other…

  2. They do look like twins….cute pic.

  3. I absolutely love it! Double the adorable!

  4. Sleeping in the car is the best!

  5. Love it!!! What a great shot!!!

  6. Aww… so cute! 😀

    Great pic.

  7. Wow. This is a really great picture. I love the color tinting! And I LOVE your snow!

  8. I don’t know how kids can sleep like that! Thanks for visiting!

  9. Amy

    Love this picture! I am always worried my kids’ necks will be sore, but it doesn’t happen. Their young and very flexible!! Great photo!

  10. love it. i’m also always surprised they don’t end up with a sore neck after falling asleep in the car. beautiful girls!

  11. Great shot! Oh, to be so flexible again!!

  12. Very nice! They look so precious laying in the same angle. 🙂

  13. Liz

    i love when everyone is asleep…just sweetness times two!!

  14. love how they look so similar. perfect angle too! what a great shot!

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