love. love. love coffeeshop

No, I’m not talking about a new place to spend too much for a cup of joe. CoffeeShop is a great blog that I keep up with for photography and Photoshop Elements stuff. This woman is amazing and she creates ‘actions’ for PSE and Photoshop to edit your photos… FOR FREE (most of them anyway). What are actions, you ask? They allow you to edit with ‘one click’ – they have all the steps needed to edit photos certain ways. Before discovering actions, I thought I’d never find time to edit photos the way I really wanted to! Not to mention that the task seemed rather daunting & extremely time consuming.

Can’t remember the steps to make rounded corners on your photos? There’s an action for that… Want to figure out how to make a color photo black & white and then colorize only parts of it like this one? There’s an action for that… Want to give your photo a vintage look like this one? Guess what? There’s an action for that… (I’m starting to sound like those ‘there’s an app for that’ commercials) The photos I blogged about here have one of my favorite actions applied to them called CoffeeShop Lomo. Now, she has posted quite a few lately that I haven’t had the chance to download & try out and some of them look great so that top rank of favorite may change when I find some time. 🙂 You really should check it out. And she’s got some great tutorials so you can learn the ins & outs of PSE/PS and Lightroom too! If you have any of those programs, you really need to check out her site. And I’m so excited that she’s offering a giveaway for her watermark action which I would love to win (the main reason for this post). Enjoy!

And to give you an idea of what an action can do, here are 2 pictures I posted a while back to show you before & after…

Amazing, right?!

Here’s one of my favorite pictures of me with the kiddos that I used the CS Splendor B&W and Rounded Corners actions. You can read about it here.


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  1. Ahhh, thank you Stacy! That before and after is amazing. And that bottom one of you and the kids is so gorgeous. What a beautiful family. 🙂 Rita

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