iheartfaces – week 2 – 2010

Happy birthday iheartfaces!!!

Best Face Photo from Dec. or Jan. is the challenge this week at iheartfaces. I chose this one of my nephew Gavin. It was taken Christmas day… I was following him around with the camera and allowed him to sneak outside on the back deck while everyone else was preparing dinner. He thought it was great to be out there without any of the big kids. He immediately looked up in the sky to see an airplane that was flying by. He can spot them anywhere. I posted about a similar picture of him a while back and how I’m captivated by those eyes – but, my goodness, his lashes !!! How I would kill to have lashes like those!

Be sure to take a peek at all the fabulous faces…



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6 responses to “iheartfaces – week 2 – 2010

  1. What a cutie! I love the expression of wonder on his face – and yes! those eyelashes, wow.

  2. Why are all the best lashes wasted on the boys? 😉

    Love the pic.

  3. Ooh a face full of wonder.

  4. Extraordinary photo! I really like it

  5. What a wonderful wonder-filled face! Beautiful image.

  6. Adore the lashes! Adore the crop and the processing. Beautiful.

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