44/365 – 2010

* some of our favorite characters *

So I’m cheating a little bit – I took this picture yesterday (the same day as the snow) but had to post it because I spent the better part of the day with buddies Jesica & Angie and Lost Season 2. We were celebrating Angie’s birthday (finally – it was in Dec!) and trying to make a dent in the Lost series for Jesica’s sake (I think I’ve mentioned it before but she’s never seen the show until now). I’m such a Lost nerd that I made puppets of all the Season 1 characters in honor of finishing season 1 and our little mini-premier/marathon of Season 2.

Honestly, I could loan Jes my DVDs so she can watch it at her own pace but it’s been fun watching it with a newbie and hearing her theories on everything. There’s also that part of me that loves knowing what is to come and wielding that power over her (don’t judge me – if you knew what I knew and what she didn’t know, you would too).

Feb 13


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