team-up thursday: self portraits

This week’s theme was a pretty big challenge. I’m always the one behind the camera not in front of it! But I think our shots turned out pretty well and Erika is sporting her sleek new ‘do (gotta give a shout out to Ami – our fab hair stylist).

I must say that even though we’ve only done 5 team-up diptychs – I have learned so much just from looking at the other entries. The photographers that participate are amazing! You ought to check them out here.



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2 responses to “team-up thursday: self portraits

  1. i love the angles on both of these. it’s interesting that both of you chose to look “contemplative” for the camera — great together!

  2. OK, I tried the bed angle to but it didn’t work for me. It turned out lovely for you though! I like how one is close up and one is farther back, turned out great together.

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