team-up thursday: dinner

* mmm… *

Erika & I went with the ‘dinner’ theme this week. Yeah, I know you’re wondering why in the world I chose popcorn as my subject. No, I don’t have this every night for dinner (my eating habits are bad but not that bad). Popcorn is my dinner on Girls Night (usually Tuesday) – we hang out & talk, eat popcorn & a bunch of other junk food, and watch a movie or Lost. It has become an addiction. I wake up on Tuesdays craving it. Beka makes the best popcorn (no crappy microwave stuff for us, no sir) – made in a popper with oil… warm… salty… buttery… whadya know?! My mouth started watering just thinking about it. Hurry up Tuesday & get here already!



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3 responses to “team-up thursday: dinner

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  2. oh yum. sounds like a blissful evening and a great tradition! a fun diptych!


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