team-up thursday: close up

Close up is the theme this week for Team-Up Thursday. Funny how Erika & I chose photos with purple (we are finding more and more throughout this project how much we think alike). I love the shot she chose of the flower – so beautiful. Her photos of plants & flowers are incredible. In mine, you can see niece Kelsey’s little hands there in the background working on our puzzle. It may not be super close up but there was just something about it that I liked so I used it (so there?!) 🙂



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4 responses to “team-up thursday: close up

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  2. so neat that you used the same colors here, even if it was accidental. the spiral of the flower contrasts nicely with the lines and shapes of the table and puzzle pieces in the other shot — cool!

  3. what a great combo! I love to do puzzles, and kepe hoping my daughter will catch the bug.

  4. I love the “looking in” perspective of each shot. The spiral of the flower is beautiful. My daughter loves to do puzzles so I melt with those little hands in the background. Great dipy this week.

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