i heart faces: angles

Angles is the challenge this week at iheartfaces. Nephew Gavin makes for an easy target for those shooting-from-above photos since he’s a little shorty like his dear old aunt. πŸ™‚

See people from a different point of view by clicking the button below.



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14 responses to “i heart faces: angles

  1. Ahh love the angle. Love his eyes as well, shows amazement. Mine is up too hope you can take a peep.

  2. Beautiful capture. Great angle!

  3. Awww…what a cute angle of your little nephew! Is it crazy that I can tell that’s the same shirt my 1yr old has? If I’m right it says “Don’t Bug Me” and has a picture of a big bug (an ant I think) on it πŸ™‚

  4. Very cute, and beautiful big brown eyes.

  5. DARLING – great angle and HANDSOME subject πŸ™‚

  6. love this angle…love the way u can see all the way to his toes..what a cutie pie

  7. Ahhh….this is so sweet. Great capture!

  8. Hey, I thought I recognized this blog πŸ™‚ Love your picture, great angle. πŸ™‚

  9. how CUTE!!

    Very sweet and adorable.

    Check out my blog at http://www.thoseblissmoments.blogspot.com if you get the chance

    K xx

  10. He is so cute. I love this picture. Very cool! Creative as can be!

  11. Love the view, and that you always have gum.

  12. Very cute picture, it’s like he’s saying, “Whatcha doin up there?” Love it!

  13. what a precious little face! i love your entry – it’s a great kid angle!!

    krista @ kristalucasphotography.wordpress.com

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