81/365 – 2010

*  vintage stuff at the shop shot 1: fire extinguisher *

There’s a ton of old things around the shop that my boss has collected over the years. Some of it came from a hardware store owned by his family that finally closed down a few years ago. You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff that was in there. My boss is a true Atlanta native and has so many stories and knows a lot about the history of the area: families, businesses, etc. The hardware store was one of those places where you’d see old men just sitting on the stoop talking about whatever and they’d know everyone that came by. His grandfather also sold explosives and some of those stories are rather entertaining (scary, but entertaining). Sometimes I wish we had remained in one place so we’d have history like that; but then again, I wouldn’t be where I am today if we hadn’t moved around. Another reminder of God’s providence and how good He is!

Mar 22


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