dinner at the VFW

The Acworth/Kennesaw VFW had done a fund raiser last Saturday to raise money for care packages for the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan and then Sat. night the safe was broken into and all the money stolen. This was so disturbing to me in so many ways but I won’t get on my soapbox right now. They did a BBQ dinner/karaoke night to try to raise the funds again and we decided to rally the fam and head up there to show our support. We had a good time and here are some snapshots of the night.

at dinner


Eva chowin' down some mac-n-cheese

Gavster sharing an oreo - psyche!

what is it with kids & sticking their tongues out?!

seriously?! oh wait, I stuck my tongue out first 😉

Gav & his momma

playin' in the sand

so focused on her art

goofy forced smiles

just downright silly kiddos

peek a boo Gav!


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One response to “dinner at the VFW

  1. Mom

    It was a fun evening and the VFW actually raised more money than what was stolen. The community really stepped up to support their mission of care packages for our troops!

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