a year of tears and laughter…

… and often laughter through the tears.

here’s the line up: Rebekah, me, Angie, Jesica

Last night was our 1st anniversary of Girls Night. Hard to believe it’s been a year since Jonny left for Afghanistan and we began our weekly ritual. He arrived home safe & sound last week (praise God!) and it was so awesome that Beka was able to break away from the homestead & the kiddos! It was the first time the 4 of us were able to be at Jesica’s together and the beginning of a new year for us in a new place. I know that it would have been to the benefit – & sanity – of everyone had he not been deployed at all but that one act is what drew us together and a friendship like none other was formed.

Over the past year we have had our fair share of tears, talked, laughed until our sides hurt, talked about family, watched quite a few 80’s movies, talked about work, watched an insane amount of Lost, talked about life, and have eaten our weight in oreos & popcorn (hey, the food was our own form of therapy OK? don’t be a hater) And did I mention that we did a lot of talking? When Tuesdays roll around, I wake up in the best mood because I know I’ll be spending time with the girls that night (and if you know me, I am NOT a morning person – not at all). Honestly, I don’t know what I’d do without these ladies in my life.

Our anniversary celebration – complete with cake & champagne – was appropriately the best Girls Night ever. E-V-E-R ever. (though it did remind me of a 6th grade slumber party but those details are to remain between me & my girls only) 😉

Love you girls!

And gotta give a shout out to Angie for another awesome photo & capturing our own little milestone!


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