99/365 – 2010

picture spring day 9: everyday beauty

Today’s prompt: Seek out a little magic today as you go about your daily chores, whatever they may be

I’ve been pet sitting this week so most of my daily chores involve this handsome fellow.

April 9


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One response to “99/365 – 2010

  1. Jan

    Oh my goodness that is a great picture!!! I missed him so much, and he was SOOOOOO excited when he saw me and hasn’t left my side since we got home!!! Thanks again so much, we don’t worry what-so-ever when you are here with them! Kai I am so sure loves you so much, just like Snickers!!! I wrote a check and was going to give it to your Mom and forgot to give it to her. If you want to come by you can or I can give it to her on Friday night (Mexican of course!) Thanks again, you make our traveling so much easier with no worries!!! We love you too (just like Snickers and Kai!!!! Thanks again!!! JAN

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