104/365 – 2010

picture spring: picture a canvas

Take a painterly approach to capturing a spring scene today by shooting out of focus (on purpose)

My lovely dogwood tree out front of the house. I think dogwoods and magnolias are my favorite flowering trees. Dogwoods because they just look so friendly… reminds me of daisies for some reason but not quite sure why. And magnolias smell oh so heavenly and were the catalyst for my love of the South especially in the springtime. One day while heading to campus, I walked by a huge magnolia tree and the fragrance was intoxicating – it was then & there that I knew I had made the south my home (nevermind the fact that I had lived here for quite a few years at this point). Hmmm… smiling just thinking about it. 😉

April 14


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One response to “104/365 – 2010

  1. love them both, dogwoods and magnolias. we have magnolias here in the pacific nw … they’re stunning!

    interesting foto.

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