107/365 – 2010

* picture spring: punchy patterns *

The patterns and textures of daily life can lighten your mood and lift your spirits in a celebratory fashion.

I realized with today’s prompt that my wardrobe consists of mostly solid colors – a few patterns here & there and a lot of black & red (go figure. go dawgs.) – I just couldn’t get happy with any of the patterns I found there. Then it hit me. Why not take a picture of something that always makes me happy? Shoes! Not necessarily pattern-focused but who cares?! There’s just something about a new pair of shoes that floats my boat. And, like the gentle and slow bloom of spring flowers, the emergence of freshly painted nails in a peep-toe shoe is another sign of spring.

I entertained the idea of lining up all of my spring & summery shoes as my subject but that lasted for about half a second. Too much effort to get them all out and line ’em up (I have a shoe problem and I am aware of it – that’s the 1st step, right?! Let’s ignore the fact that I’m not willing to do anything about it, k?)

April 17


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