138/365 – 2010

* the stuff of nightmares *

Yeah. This is way creepy. One of my coworkers was out at an antiques show with his wife when they came across this find. They first thought it was a mold for a doll face but it’s really a template. The eyes are hollowed out so the manufacturer could paint them on a doll. He said there were others with different parts cut out – lips, eyebrows, etc – but they liked this one best (I have no idea why they’d like it at all *shudder*). However, after telling me about this thing I made him bring it in to work so I could see it in person. I cannot image having this hanging on a wall in my house! Nightmares for sure!

And my boss had a little fun with it that day… he rigged up a contraption so red LED light shone through the eyes then took it home & freaked out his daughters. hilarious. (don’t worry, they’re in college & high school)

May 18


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  1. gashuttergirl

    Wow! That is scary. I couldn’t have that in my house (like hidden in a closet) without having nightmares, let alone on a wall. Great capture of it though, and you are almost caught up!

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