152/365 – 2010

* hello magnolia *

Over on Shutter Sisters, they have something called the One Word Project. What is it you ask? Here’s the description from the site: It’s a monthly community project where we offer up a unique word (every month gets a new word) that’s up for visual interpretation of the photographic kind by YOU. This month’s word is hello.

So, I’m jumping into the project this time around for my 365 inspiration. We’ll see how it goes! I found this lovely magnolia in the strangest of places. I was taking a little short cut behind a new shopping center (headed to my usual time-killing spot: target) and noticed the magnolias planted along the parking lot were blooming. It was the magnolia that solidified my love for the South. Several years ago – and we won’t say how many! – as I was walking through Athens, I passed by a huge magnolia tree full of flowers and the scent was absolutely heavenly. It was then & there that I knew I loved the south especially in the spring time.

June 1

And, to add to my photography madness, I’ve jumped on the twitter bandwagon so I can really participate in the daily shoot assignments. I’ve had success so far so be sure to check out my daily shoot set on flickr. I say success because I’ve posted a photo for the past 3 assignments (a whopping 3 days. whoop.dee.do.) so we’ll see if I can keep it up.


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