snippets of the trip

I’m behind on my photo posts so I thought I would take a minute to jot down some of my favorite moments of our trip to Missouri from last week…

* Watching Gavin (2 yrs) run around with the big kids. He’s so cute and adores Nathan (5 yrs) – wants to do everything his cousin does.

* Eva (4 yrs): “I know everything”   Me: “Oh really? So do you know what the capital of Ethiopia is?”   Eva: “Yes. C.V.S.”   Me: “OK… what’s 75 plus 582?”   Eva: “7-7-0. See? I do know everything!

* Having long-time family friends from GA participate in the Missouri madness for the first time – absolutely priceless

* Waking up to smiling kiddos as they come over to greet me on the couch in the loft. Little whispering voices saying ‘Good morning Aunt Stacy’ – that’s the best way to wake up (and I’m not a morning person)

* Nathan often wanting to sit by me at meals (he’s such a cool kid) and ALWAYS wanting 2 hamburgers – ketchup only, of course

* Riding to KC with Kelsey in the van… playing Uno with mini-cards, watching Matilda & laughing at all the same scenes

* A little Gavin always asking for “pa-pa-pauce” (the criss cross applesauce rhyme) and to sing the cee-cee-dees (abc’s) and wabble-wabble song (who’s the king of the jungle) – how I love his toddler-speak

* All of us adults barricading ourselves in the theater room one morning for a viewing of The Hangover while the kids all played in the next room by themselves

* Another fab 4th picnic – lovely weather – catching up with old friends – and the horseshoe tourney dominated by Cinnamon Tiger (can you guess which movie they love?)

* Exploring The Magic House with the kids and watching Popps go down one of the slides in the obstacle course (seriously, if you’re ever in St Louis with kids, The Magic House is a must-see/must-do)

Those are just a few of the highlights. I’ll be posting pics soon that can hopefully capture the fun we had with the fam!


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