247/365 – 2010

* babysitting + crafts = fun! *

Got a call from my sister this past week to see if I could watch the kiddos Saturday night. Before she even had a chance to say hello, my niece was in the background asking if I was available – it made me feel all warm & fuzzy being wanted like that. 🙂 I always like to take something special along to do or a game to play and this time it was a craft. The last time I took a project to do, the little guy wasn’t quite into the whole thing. Not this time. He was all over it and did a great job with the caterpillar & bumblebee! Kelsey took charge of the more complicated bugs (dragonfly & ladybug). We had a blast! But I think my favorite parts of the evening were the moments of one-on-one time with each of them right before bed. Singing nursery rhymes with Gavin and then just chatting & being silly with K – such a precious & sweet time.

sept 4


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