248/365 – 2010

* a typical afternoon with the fam *

It’s Labor Day weekend & we gathered at mom & dad’s Sunday afternoon for a cook out & to let the kids play in the backyard. When we get together, something is bound to happen. This time, sis #2 grabbed a cardboard box from the garage & started pushing the kids down the hill. It didn’t take long before she was trying it out and then sis #1 decided to give it a go with Kelsey. It took a bit of experimenting with the settings to capture the sliders somewhat in focus but this one turned out pretty good. I love their expressions! Pure joy.

sept 5



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2 responses to “248/365 – 2010

  1. Great pic! Panning is one of my favorite photography tricks (and one that you can pull off with any old digital camera, for those of us without fancy equipment.) Also great for capturing those great big smiles your nieces and nephews will give you when they’re flying high on the swing. Looking forward to some of those photos!

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