253/365 – 2010

* this, Your Honor, is where I vowed never to play Scrabble Slam with Jesica again *

Went to Erika’s for game night since her hubby was out of town. It was a riot. Watched a classic 80’s flick that Erika had never seen: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels (who can forget Ruprecht?! O-KLA-HOMA! Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma!πŸ™‚ ). Then played a few hands of Scrabble Slam and a game of Huggermugger which sounds bizarre but is tons of fun! I had the camera out on the table & was just going to snap a candid or 2 during the game but Jes deemed the winner worthy of a victory shot with each win. Notice I’m not in any of the pics… they kicked my tush in everything.

sept 10


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One response to “253/365 – 2010

  1. gashuttergirl

    Love the collage of the night. Thanks for coming to keep me company. I had a blast. We need to do it more often (we could just kick Ben out of the house once a month). I think I am going to burn Scrabble Slam :).

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