love your shot: link-up – favorite faces

This is my first time participating in the Love Your Shot! | Link-up. I only recently discovered the site (I must have been living in a hole) and so excited to see that Amy & Angie from i heart faces are the guest judges this time around. I’ve done a few ihf photo challenges and always love seeing the entries so this should be another great opportunity to learn & see some fab photos.

We were at my nephew’s soccer match so I was armed with my Nikon D40 and 55-200mm lens to catch him in action. Then we heard the sound of an ice cream truck coming through the park and my niece squealed with delight. I turned around and captured the shot. I love how her eyes are lit up with excitement and that little grin…*sigh* what a cutie. Often my best pictures are ones that are completely candid… unscripted… unstaged… life as it happens.

f/5.6 – 1/125sec – ISO:400      edited in pse8: increased exposure, enhanced color, lightened/brightened eyes



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2 responses to “love your shot: link-up – favorite faces

  1. great clarity! love this shot

  2. Oh my goodness! Your niece is adorable. Love the shot. I can just imagine her excitement and happiness at seeing the ice cream truck. You did an amazing job.

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