276/365 – 2010

* tater tots *

My sister called this afternoon & invited me over for an impromptu dinner. It was low-key and nothing super fancy (but she did make one of my favorite chicken casseroles) just a chance to see the kiddos and spend time together. I found this cute little wind-up airplane toy a while ago for Gavin & finally remembered to take it to him – it was a hit! He giggled & had me wind it up over and over. Then I happened to still have Sorry! in the car and introduced Kelsey to it. We had a great time playing until I won…that didn’t sit too well with K but it was a lesson to be learned. You can’t win every time and the important part was we had FUN playing it together. She did beat me at a quick round of I-Spy Memory so that brightened her mood. 🙂

oct 3


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