285/365 – 2010

* stairway to fun *

daily shoot #ds331: Stairs and ramps lead the eye and take us places. Make a photo of a stair or ramp that you see today. (@Melhutch)

The entrance to the home of one of the besties. Whenever I enter that red door, I know a combination (& very often all) of the following things will happen:

1) Several hours will be spent playing cards & board games

2) I’ll laugh until my sides hurt

3) I’ll consume an obscene amount of popcorn & various other junk foods

4) Rarely will I leave before midnight

5) Conversations will abound covering every topic under the sun

6) Memories will be made

7) I’ll get to spend time with one or more of my favorite people (usually 3!)

Didn’t realize just how much I love these steps until now. 🙂

oct 12


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One response to “285/365 – 2010

  1. jesica

    got a little misty reading this!

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