296/365 – 2010

* reunion swag *

We’ve been planning it for months and the big night finally arrived: the 20 year high school reunion. I think it was all we were hoping it would be. Lots of laughter… tons of hugs… much reminiscing… plenty of dancing… and an evening filled to the brim with fun. It couldn’t have been done without our class president, Amy, & her super organizational skills & desire to make it an incredible reunion for everyone. Little did we know how much it would pay off electing her as class pres nearly 21 years ago!

And did we ever have memorabilia: yearbooks from high school AND middle school… school newspapers… graduation announcements… ceremony programs… prom dresses (oh, the dresses. classic 80’s garb – lace, satin, ruffles & gloves! oh my)… a letterman jacket… jerseys from various clubs… but the best was the actual school mascot costume! And our original mascot from way-back-when wore it for a good bit of the reunion. Joe, you are the bomb.

We danced until the hotel made us shut the music off. The rest of the night was filled with more dancing at a local bar (we closed that place down too), a food-run, and the whole shebang finished off by cramming 11 people in a Tahoe. Haven’t done anything like that since college. That’s the stuff of memories.

I took my camera but only snapped a few photos – partly because I left my flash at home but mostly I didn’t want to be distracted and really wanted to enjoy the night. Which I did!

oct 23


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