334/365 – 2010

* the wayward brother returns! *

As I was getting ready for work this morning, I heard the all too familiar text message notification from the other room and went to check it with a bit of dread and a tiny bit of annoyance – nobody ever sends texts that early without either a) needing me to pick something up on the way to work or b) there is something wrong. So I was presently surprised to read this message from dear old Dad:

Found “goldilocks” sleeping on the couch this morning. He got home around 11:30pm. Glad he is home.

My brother didn’t tell anyone he was coming home from Iraq! The last we heard (just a week ago) he was scheduled to have some vacation time in January. Things changed rather quickly and some other things are still up in the air for his future plans so we’re not real sure how long he’ll be in town. Could be a couple of weeks, could be months, could be for the duration… only time will tell.

I popped in on him and the parentals for a little while. Here he is looking rather annoyed that I was snapping his photo but, frankly, I really don’t care. So glad he’s home even if only for a little while.

nov 30


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