project: 40×40

Several months ago, Ang decided the our activity for that particular girls night would be to come up with a life list of sorts… things to do before our next birthdays. With my next birthday less than a year away and me having the most things to do (it sucks being the oldest sometimes), I decided to do a slight variation from the rest of the girls. And thus, project:40×40 was born: 40 things to do before turning 40. { *gasp* say it isn’t so! 40?! egads! } It’s not a spectacularly amazing list but they are all things I really want or need to do. And as I cross things off the list, I’ll be posting photos to document the event so it doubles as a photog project. And wouldn’t you know it? I found this cute little notebook to keep track of it all. I’ve crossed a couple of these off already and linked them to their coordinating posts.

  1. paint the kitchen (red!)
  2. take a photography class
  3. have the nieces & nephews spend the night (a few times)
  4. go to my high school 20th reunion 296/365-2010
  5. upgrade my camera or lens
  6. try sushi
  7. start a new photog project
  8. research Child Life program
  9. go to Sip & Stroke/painting with the girls
  10. get backyard cleaned up
  11. visit Christi & Kevin in Blairsville
  12. be in the delivery room for Beka’s labor & arrival of baby so close…
  13. go to a wine tasting
  14. go bowling with the girls
  15. write a letter once a week to friends or family (in progress)
  16. get popcorn popper & have girls night at my house
  17. visit Kathryn in Athens
  18. meet Nousaiba
  19. go to Big Canoe with the girls 261/365-2010
  20. sell the treadmill
  21. go on a photo walk with the girls
  22. go to a citizenship swearing-in ceremony 306/365-2010
  23. start an herb garden
  24. learn to cut up a whole chicken
  25. learn to cook a whole chicken
  26. organize the office
  27. go on a cruise
  28. read through the Bible cover to cover (in progress)
  29. have a party (or 2) at the house
  30. give more handmade gifts
  31. visit Tweed & Lori in Colorado
  32. explore options career-wise
  33. organize old photos
  34. get window treatment for bedroom
  35. take Susannah Conway’s Unravelling e-course (in progress)
  36. finish decorating
  37. get framed “shoe” prints for bedroom (1/8/11 got ’em on sale! will post when on the wall)
  38. print project 365 photos & put in album or book
  39. get passport
  40. run a 5K


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4 responses to “project: 40×40

  1. Kathryn Blake

    I love #17! That would be amazing! I would love to also do #39 and then do #27! That would be fun! Love ya sister!

  2. Rainy

    Hey, good luck with your list! I need to learn #24 too. 😀

  3. Melanie

    Sushi is the most awesome food. Only thing I missed during 18months of pregnancy.

  4. I will complete #40 with you!!

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