it’s torture, i tell you

Hi remember me? And ‘member how I said stay tuned for a post of my nephew with his great-grandma? About 87 days ago? Yeah. It’s been so long you had forgotten too. Sorry about that. It won’t happen again, I promise. {until the next time of course}

Here it is. What a face! He was none too happy about the photo op – as if it was torture just to sit there. She should have been his best friend – she’d been feeding him m&ms on the sly all night. With keys in hand, backpack on & ready to go… seriously, could he be any cuter even when he’s making that face? And she just laughed! Good thing grandma didn’t get bothered by it 😉

She soon found someone that wanted to snuggle with her… too sweet.


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  1. I really admire the light on the greatgrandmother’s face in the first shot. Very nice.

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