her life in a nutshell

I was a nanny. Did you know that? You probably did. For nearly 5 years I played the role of Mary Poppins {minus the dancing penguins & chimney sweeps} to 2 wonderful girls. When I began that journey, the girls were 5 yrs and 1 yr. That was a long time ago. Let’s not talk about the fact that the oldest is almost old enough to drink and the youngest will graduate next year. I’m in denial that they’re that grown up because that means I’m ancient and that is just not something I’m willing to admit. 😉

I still work for the same family only at their place of business so I get to see the parents daily and keep up with the girls. The mom brought something in to work the other day that she said I had to see. I wanted to share it with you but let me give you some background…

The oldest was 5 going on 15 – always acted older than she really was and could read people like a book. The youngest was accident prone, always has been always will be. A sweetie, full of energy and fun but that kid could find a way to get hurt in a padded room. That’s just who she is. We all knew it then (& now). I found out firsthand just a couple of months into the job. She fell and busted her head open on the fireplace. To this day that sound still haunts me. {{shudder}}

Apparently, her big sister thought her injuries were noteworthy:

That’s her life in a nutshell. Just multiply it by 20 or 30 and you’ve got her life from then to present day 🙂


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  1. bex

    If you have never seen this before, check it out. This post right here reminded me of it:


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