wine, paint, & a nursing baby {40×40}

Don’t worry, the nursing momma didn’t have any wine!

#9 on the 40×40 list: go painting with the girls… check!

Tonight was…

Fun: a night out with the girls is always fun

Stressful: where do I make a line? what color next? what the *bleep* is wrong with my trees?!

Zany: our instructor ( i think you have to be a bit off to do that job)

There’s a first for everything. I’ve never really attempted painting except those watercolor books as a kid. Remember those? Color already on the page… just add water & a paintbrush. So simple. No stress. Our adventure at The Funky Paintbrush reinforced the fact that I need to stick to those watercolor books. The evening creating our Tuscan Landscape was fun though and a new experience. Even if mine looks like a flag. And the instructor kept yelling “STOP!”. And some people weren’t happy with their trees. And we had trouble re-corking the wine. And the shakes at Chick-fil-A sent us over the edge. Plus I’ve never seen a woman multi-task like Beka. She was nursing little J and getting her painting done AND it looked marvelous 😉

♥ Love making memories with these ladies ♥

Ok girls, what’s next?


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One response to “wine, paint, & a nursing baby {40×40}

  1. Rebekah

    Had so much fun! Can’t wait to do it again!

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