just 3 questions… okay, 5

When I asked Nathan, if I could interview him he said no. I begged and pleaded (yeah, I’m not above it) and finally won him over with “Your cousin Kelsey did it”.
Without further ado, here’s the next installment of from the mouths of babes… Nathan, age 6
(his birthday was in Feb)

What’s life like at 6? Good.

Did turning 6 change everything? Nope.

Do you feel older? Y-e-e-e-e-s

What’s the best part about having a birthday? Cake
(I can see this is going to be a quick interview)

Who is your best friend? Sanford
Who is Sanford? Is he a giraffe? NO! He’s my DOG! You know that!
(yippee! more than a 1 word answer)

Who’s your best friend at school? Campbell

What do you like about him? We always play what I wanna play

What’s your favorite color? Blue. And green… and pretty much all the colors

What do you like to do or play with most? Nerf guns

Are we done?
No, just a few more questions.
Just 3 more… OK, 5.
We’re almost done.

Soccer just started. Is it fun? Yes.

What’s the best part? I get to run

I hear you have a new coach this year. Who is it? Is he cool? YES! It’s Daddy!

What’s your favorite book? Thomas (Thomas the train)

Favorite movie? The Polar Express
(I’m sensing a theme)

TV show? Phineas & Ferb. No wait, Chuggington
(yep, definitely a theme)

Favorite toy? My helicopter and my trains
(and he has A TON of them)

Do you have a favorite stuffed animal? CHICKIE! but he has a fever 😦

He does? Is he gonna be OK? Yeah, he’ll be OK later

What do you like most about your family? That they give me the breakfast that I want
(the kid is all about eating)

Anything else? We go to the park together

Do you like being a big brother to Eva? Yes
(that yes was a rather exasperated one, mind you)

What do you like most about Eva? That she plays trains with me

That’s pretty cool. Yeah, it’s nice

What do you like most about school? We get to go out for recess

Is it fun having Gramm as a teacher for PE? Yeah

What’s your favorite food? PIZZA!!! Cheese pizza!

You’re getting pretty big. When do you think you’ll be bigger than me? Umm… nine
(I wouldn’t be surprised)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A train conductor

absolutely.love.this.kid. googly eyes & all 😉


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