weekly winners 4.24-4.30.11 {easter edition}

Plenty of photos taken this week and the various activities but decided to limit my ww post to Easter.
It was a great day: food, family & an egg hunt… you can’t go wrong πŸ™‚

killing time before the egg hunt (fyi: those blocks have been around since I can remember)

and so it waits to be found

aw. he's all dressed up *snort*

these 3 are trouble. no doubt about it

and this is why he wasn't in the shot with his sister and cousins (obviously, life is so hard when you're nearly three)



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6 responses to “weekly winners 4.24-4.30.11 {easter edition}

  1. Bazza

    “Having a moment” really captures the moment! Great capture.

  2. The trio shot is amazing. Such sweet faces.

  3. Great shots! That trio is precious! And I snickered and dressing up, too. LOL Love it

  4. Terrie

    such angelic faces can only mean trouble!

  5. What a great set of pictures!
    The shot of the three kiddos is so sweet!
    Also loved the “all dressed up” pic!

  6. Really enjoyed all of your photos! Great set!

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