can’t live without {a list}

I’m taking a break for a few days but didn’t want to leave you with a ‘wordless wednesday’ post. I mean, how fair is that? So here’s a little insight into me via a small sampling of things I can’t live without (or at least, I think I can’t anyway) in no particular order, of course

1) coffee. if i’m being completely honest, i have an addiction. i can hardly function before i have a cup of java. but ya know, i don’t even really have to drink a whole lot of it to get going – just need that cup to be in hand. i guess there are worse things, huh?

2) kiddos. i love living in the same town as my sisters – i get my kid-fix pretty regularly. love spending time with the nieces & nephews – it keeps me young (but also love being able to go home to a quiet house 😉 )

3) girls night. i can’t even begin to describe the dynamic and importance here. and even though we all have some amazing things going on over the next few weeks, it makes me a little bit sad that the 4 of us won’t all be together until mid-July. a part of me will be missing for sure.

4) the b.i.b.l.e. yes, that’s the book for me.

5) camera. even though i’ve taken a more laid back approach this year, i love finding beauty through the lens. learning, reading, experimenting and all the while snapping away. i’ve taken on my share of random hobbies but i think this one just might stick.

6) lip balm. (or gloss, or lipstick, or whatever) i have 3 types in my bag at any given time. i’m addicted. even more than coffee. that is all.

7) background noise. i have to have the tv or some music on. i just function better that way. i’m a happier me 😉

8 ) carbs. i admit it. i’m a bread girl. don’t think i could ever do atkins. it just might kill me.

9) connection. real life. family & friends. so important. probably why i travel twice a year to Missouri (tourist attraction that it is). it’s about family, ya know?! and let’s not overlook social media. absolutely loving all the connections made through it. amazing how much you can have in common with people you’ve never actually met. so much to share & learn out there among the masses.

10) chocolate. need i say more?

have an excellent weekend y’all!



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6 responses to “can’t live without {a list}

  1. Jennifer

    Right there with you on #1 and #8!!!

  2. Jennifer

    I am right there with ya on #1 and #8!

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