where do I even begin?

So this past week my family went on a cruise with some dear lifelong friends – there were 19 of us in all. Four generations of family. 13 adults and 6 kids under age 7. It was i.n.c.r.e.d.i.b.l.e. Memories to last a lifetime.

We all had a wonderful time and though I was ready for my own bed, I was not quite ready for it to end. Now I keep waiting for… someone to walk by & ask me if I want a drink… someone to clean my room & turn down my bed… someone to make cute animals out of towels & leave them on my bed… to be able to walk around any corner & find some sort of eatery… lounge chairs calling me to lie down & soak up the sun… room service at all hours… Basically, I’m not quite ready for the real world.

I took a TON of pictures (let’s just say I put that new 8GB SD card to the test) and I have no idea where to begin! Here is only a teeny tiny taste of the trip… With so many pics to go through, I’ll probably be posting a handful everyday (and may still be doing so for a month! sheesh)

up on St Thomas looking down at our ship - the one on the right

mom, dad, Aunt Judy (aka Toodles) & Pappaw on the 1st formal night

got all the kids together for a group photo after having breakfast with Shrek, Fiona & Puss in Boots. parents had to help corral the littles 🙂

Aunt Toodles stylin' in Eva's hat & glasses while we wait for our shuttle to the ship

Pappaw hanging out at Senor Frog's in St Thomas

 It’s a random sample but there will be more to come once I get back into the swing of things, I promise.


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