wherever you go, there you are

It’s Father’s Day and I am blessed with an incredible dad. I could gush on and on about the wonder that is my father but that wouldn’t be true to his personality (or mine). You see, we are a bunch of jokesters. We chide, we harass, we are incredibly sarcastic. We are just not that sappy (now, when it comes to Mom – that’s a totally different story).

So here are some Dad stories, quips, quotes and a glimpse at growing up in our house:

Dad has a classic move that he learned from his own father. The Crusher. What is The Crusher, you ask? He catches you off-guard and grabs your ankle, crushing it just enough to immobilize you until he releases his grasp. To this day, it still renders me powerless. All I can do is lie there and yell, completely paralyzed. He still giggles at my reaction upon even the mere threat of The Crusher.

In addition to The Crusher, he has another move. He will only release you if you’re completely still. You know that old Dad trick? Slowly releasing his grasp and just when you think you’re quick enough to get away, he tightens that grip and the cycle begins again. Anybody else’s Dad do this?

He doesn’t act like a romantic but Valentine’s Day is his day to shine. For a couple of years, he put those little valentines all over the house (you know, the ones kids give to classmates). Mom was still finding them weeks later. And his m.o. for the past years running, he finds the most obnoxious singing/dancing stuffed animal and delivers it to her at work along with a big basket of fruit. (she acts all embarrassed but she secretly loves it).

I’m the urinator. I’ll be back. (said in his best Arnold voice on 1 of many road trips to missouri)

I’ll never forget the Easter in Chicago that he nearly gave himself an aneurysm while dying eggs – blowing the yolks out so we could decorate the shells and keep them forever. (I think Mom still has 1 left)

He is king of trivia. Seriously. You need a team of people to beat him. One Thanksgiving he was… um, er, napping under the pool table during our annual Trivial Pursuit Guys vs. Girls game. The guys’ question was something completely obscure about a German city. Disturbing his slumber, they asked Dad the question and he answered Munich. Yep. It was right. I want him on my team whenever possible.

Dressing up as Shredder for my little brother’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle birthday party and leading the kids on a scavenger hunt.

mahna mahna dee dee dee dee dee. (the voice he does cracks the grandbabies up every time)

Jolting the attendees of my 13th b-day slumber party awake with an obnoxious tape made by his own brother. He also made us watch Play Misty For Me the night before – a movie that scared the crap out of us even more so than Friday the 13th!

Countless Christmases spent assembling Barbie pools, cars, houses (all thanks to his own sister sending high maintenance gifts) and never getting a chance to enjoy the day.

He’s always ready for the grandbabies with an endless supply of M&Ms. (where was this guy when we were growing up?!)

Desperate to go see U2 play the Omni at age 15, I begged and pleaded to go. Giving all reasons for why I should be allowed to go unchaperoned. It was not looking good & I was in tears. At one point I said “But I LOVE U2” His response: “I love you too, honey” (yeah, life was like that A LOT in our house)

Remember: wherever you go… there you are (classic Dad)

dinner on the cruise with oldest granddaughter kelsey

 Happy Father’s Day, Dad!


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