and the winner is…

Last week, I had a great giveaway for those of you into photography and the winner was chosen last night.
Here’s how it went down… I used and the 1st number it chose was…

That comment was from Sarah, but since she is with Clickin Moms I had to do it again (she wasn’t entering – just leaving a lovely comment 🙂 )

So the second round had this result:

Comment #8 and the winner of the lifetime membership is…


Congrats, my friend! I have sent your email along to Clickin’ Moms and someone should be in touch soon.

An extra huge THANK YOU to Clickin’ Moms for sponsoring the giveaway. If you didn’t win, you should still check it out. You won’t be disappointed! 🙂



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4 responses to “and the winner is…

  1. Erika

    Thanks Stacy! What a great giveaway. Looking forward to participating in Clickin’ Moms!

  2. Lora

    Congratulations Erika. What an awesome prize to win 🙂

  3. TOTALLY not fair!! i cannot believe erika won!! SO happy for her…SUPER bummed for me 🙂

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