weekly winners 7.24-7.30.11 {a little bit of fun}

Every now & then the ladies of my family go out for a night of fun. Dinner & a movie was the choice this time around. We were already giggling at dinner which helped set the tone for the flick: Bridesmaids (absolutely hysterical… oh, it’s happening. it happened).
We always have a good time and this outing was no exception.

On Wed, I stopped by the store for some snacks on the way to my regularly scheduled girls night (yep, 2 in a row this week!) and I saw these balloons. You have no idea how close I came to taking at least one of these little guys home.
taken with my droid



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10 responses to “weekly winners 7.24-7.30.11 {a little bit of fun}

  1. I think I would have had to get the elephant. How fun would that be at your GNO? Love the black and white shot of all the family ladies.

  2. Oh, I would love if my doorbell rang and that ellie balloon was standing on my porch!

  3. Oh I love those group shots. What fabulous memories captured in those faces.

  4. Happiness oozes in those first two photos. Great fun!

  5. That first shot just makes me so happy! You beautifully captured that moment!
    My boys would love those balloons!

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