august break {3 through 7}

late nights + no time + trip to KC for family = lack of blog posts

Bet ya thought I had given up, huh? Nope. Still here & still shooting – just no time to edit or post. Here’s my attempt to get caught up.

day 3: he thinks he's top dog

day 4: what's that you say? we have something in our noses? (those are squinkies, in case you wondered)

day 5: settlers of catan was not kind to me this round

day 6: flight to KC to be there for family at a difficult time

day 7: remembering a loved one, cherishing time together & laughing a lot - that's how we roll



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4 responses to “august break {3 through 7}

  1. We love Settlers of Catan

  2. Stacy –
    Sorry for the loss of your Aunt. She was beautiful inside and out! I personally don’t believe anyone’s entirely gone; you know first hand how you continue to carry a loved one around in your heart.

    Love the ‘Top Dog’ shot! My office chair is Ruby’s favorite spot too!

    Have a lovely weekend!


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