weekly winners 8.21-8.27.11 {more flowers}

Thanks to an awesome friend we got a chance to roam the ATL Botanical Gardens again. It’s so beautiful and peaceful there – we had a lovely time (even if it was crazy humid!)

what are you thinking, frogman?

from my point of view? or lower? is that even possible?

he was just hanging out, letting us adore him

the first shot of the day - a good sign for the evening's images (or so I thought) 😉



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14 responses to “weekly winners 8.21-8.27.11 {more flowers}

  1. Oh the first shot of the night was stunning!! I think both frogs are very cool…both the blue frog man and the frog on the rock. Happy frogs 😀

  2. Frogs and flowers! I love this!

  3. gashuttergirl

    Beautiful images! I had so much fun, even though I didn’t get very many good images – gotta keep practicing with that Lensbaby. I still want to see your version of our group pic :).

  4. I love the frogs… the one on the bench and the one on the rock.

  5. Stacy! I need the high-res of that last crazy-incredible shot please. I’m gathering photos from my on-line friends to make a grouping on my office wall. And this photo *NEEDS* to be included. Say yes! 🙂

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